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Chocolate Milk Shake 6.89
Vanilla Milk Shake 6.89
Strawberry Milk Shake 6.89
Mocha Shake 6.99

Hershey’s Chocolate syrup, Caramel, Coffee blended with Vanilla ice cream

Oreo Shake 6.99
Black & White 6.89

Hershey’s Chocolate syrup, blended with Vanilla ice cream

Root Beer Float 6.99

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with Root Beer soda Topped with whipped cream and cherry

Brown Cow 6.99

Root beer, Hershey’s Chocolate syrup blended with Vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Banana 6.99
Coconut Banana 6.99
Ice Cream Flavors: Chocolate • Vanilla • Strawberry • Oreo
1 Ice Cream Scoop 3.99
2 Ice Cream Scoops 5.99
Add Hot Fudge ¢99
Add Strawberries ¢99
Ice Cream Sundae 6.59

Two scoops, nuts and a choice of Hot fudge, caramel or strawberries, Topped with whipped cream & Cherry

Banana Split 7.99

Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry ice cream with hot fudge, strawberry sauce. Topped with whipped cream & Cherry, garnished with chopped pecans