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Step Back Into The Days Of The Diner

Virginia’s best milkshakes are also available. Our desserts and shakes make the perfect end to your meal. Juke Box Diner has succeeded at capturing the essence of the 50s eateries. From the diner booths and stools to the prominent large counter, we welcome you.


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Rock ‘n roll jukebox music, tile walls and the best food around is what you’ll experience at Juke Box Diner. A blend of a busy old-fashioned diner and a fun friendly restaurant offering daily specials. Our menu reflects a similar blend of yesterday and today offering omelets, pancakes and hamburgers as well as today’s popular grilled chicken salad, steak, shrimp and chicken strips.

At Jukebox Diner, we offer a wide selection of Classic American diner meals as well as a blend of international items from Greek, middle eastern, Italian entrées and European dishes. Whether it’s for dine in, take our, delivery or catering your special event, JBD is your one stop diner.

If you’re searching for a good ol’ classic diner, look no further. We’ll take you back to the ‘50s with delicious food choices, great prices and oldies atmosphere.

Our Food

We use only the freshest ingredients and the most superior food brands in all our meals. Our Angus Beef patties  are Never frozen, Never given hormones or antibiotics make the tastiest and juiciest burgers. Our fresh farm eggs make our omelettes taste fantastic, top it with a  fresh slice of cheese and you’ll have the perfect breakfast.  Add an Organic milkshake to your meal or a dessert with quality chocolate brands also used in our ice cream treats will put the  finishing touch to your 50’s dining experience.

We also feature a Gluten-Free section on our menu for customers allergic to starch products.  Come on down to JBD or Order Online for pickup or delivery